Technology Corner

Burleson Construction Company, Inc. has always been an early adapter of emerging technologies. We strive to integrate revolutionary technologies to add value, reduce cost and exceed expectations in every project executed. Some of the technologies we utilize to benefit our customer are…

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Procore Software
  • 3-D Scanner
  • Drone Technology
  • Air Quality Monitoring

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Burleson Construction Company, Inc. utilizes 3-D modeling to solve potential problems before they are discovered on the job site. These are a few of the objectives accomplished through BIM…

  • Collaboration with all trades
  • Clash detection
  • Easy visualization of a project

Procore Project Management Software

Burleson Construction Company, Inc. utilizes Procore to facilitate communication between all parties. All projects through Burleson utilize this technology. Procore has many functions but some of the notable functions are…

  • Easy access to drawings and specifications
  • Daily Reports
  • Submittals and RFI’s
  • Punch List

3-D Scanner

Burleson Construction Company, Inc. utilizes a 3-D scanner that can show accurate image of the space as well as measures to 1% accuracy. There are many advantages to this technology such as…

  • Accurate measurements that are utilized in estimating
  • Rough-in images to know locations of objects inside of the walls
  • A final walk through that can be used by the owner for their own purposes

Drone Technology

Burleson Construction Company, Inc. utilizes a drone to keep an eye on the overall development of a project. Burleson utilizes these images for several things such as…

  • Arial photos to watch site development
  • Weekly exterior progress photos
  • Finished photos of the project

Air Quality Monitoring

Burleson Construction Company, Inc. utilizes an air quality monitor to ensure that the air quality during and after a renovation either meets or exceeds the air quality of the facility before the start of renovations. Burleson employees a couple methods to ensure a steady air quality.

  • Weekly air quality testing
  • Use of air scrubbers
  • Use of infection prevention partitions when necessary