Project Delivery Systems

Our most successful projects are the result of a team collaboration when the Owner, Design Professionals, and our Construction Team is established during the early planning phase of the proposed project. Early involvement of the team allows common goals to be established. Preliminary Designs, Budgets, and Schedules are jointly developed. As the project matures other members are added to the team Consultants, Major Subcontractors, Local Code Officials, and Suppliers. As the project further develops, drawings are finalized, cost estimates are determined, the team and the schedule are completed. The team’s common goals are carried out for the duration of the project resulting in an on schedule, in budget, and high-quality project.

Burleson Construction Company, Inc. utilizes many types of Project Delivery Systems. We would be proud to be on your team. Please allow us to bring our over 75 years of General Construction and Construction Management experience to your team on your next building project!