Owner’s Representative

  • 74 Years in Construction and Management Experience
  • Ability to interact with the Owner and Architect to ensure the Owner’s needs are met
  • Foster team work approach of the Owners, Designers, Contractors, and Suppliers
  • Project Safety Review
  • Experience with different project delivery systems
  • Value Engineering Expertise
  • (2) LEED® Accredited Professionals on Staff
  • Building Information Modeling (3D)
  • Project Management Systems
  • Tennessee Drug Free Workplace
  • Financial Stability
  • Compliant with Criminal History Affidavit


  • Coordinate with owner to develop scope and specifications
  • Coordination with architect and owner during the design process
  • Review of drawings and specifications during design process
  • Pre-Construction budget estimates
  • Evaluate best practices for Green Construction
  • Value Engineering
  • Evaluation of bid proposals and contract awards
  • Evaluation of proposed sub-contractors
  • Evaluation and enforcement of project schedule

During Construction

  • Coordination with county code officials
  • Coordination of project site logistics to ensure public safety
  • Coordination with commissioning agents
  • Conduct Owner / Architect / Contractor Meetings
  • Prepare report for the commission on a monthly basis covering project status to include schedules, pay requests, and areas of concern
  • Weekly site review of work performed
  • Supervise completion of project punch list
  • Supervise completion of project close out
  • Coordination with successful Contractor to maintain project schedule


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an advanced tool that Burleson Construction uses for improved project performance and increased accuracy.  Our BIM software can effectively create geometry, product and material relationships, and building attributes which can be used to detect conflicts early in the design phase, thus reducing construction costs.  This data gives our customers and staff a visual description of the construction of the building.

This is just another example of our commitment to our customers to stay on the leading edge of advanced technology, and advanced construction practices.


Projects are not designed and constructed by an individual but through the team work approach of the owners, designers, constructors, and material suppliers.  In order to have a smooth working, high quality, on-time project all members must be on the team.  The conception of integrated project delivery is not a new way of doing business but going back to the way people use to do business when a person’s word was their bond and people accepted responsibility.  Integrated project delivery is not a contract, but recognition that every contract includes an implied covenant of good faith.

Through integrated project delivery we will create an environment where trust and team work prevents disputes, fosters a cooperative bond to everyone’s benefit, and facilitates completion of a successful project.  The key elements to integrated project delivery to which all members of the team must strive are:

  • Commitment
  • Equity Trust
  • Development of Mutual Goal/Objectives
  • Implementation
  • Continuous Evaluation
  • Timely Responsiveness

Integrated project delivery is a leadership concept.  Through the use of it, we will have a top quality, on-time, within budget project.


Burleson will be the Owner’s Representative for the new Boones Creek Pre K-8 School.

Listed below are Burleson’s completed Owner’s Rep Projects for both Washington County and Johnson City.

Washington County Owners Rep Projects

Sulphur Springs Elementary Re-Roof

David Crockett High School Re-Roof

Gray Elementary School Re-Roof

Daniel Boone High School Stadium Seating Repairs

Jonesborough Elementary School & Boones Creek

Elementary School Removal Mercury Flooring

Fall Branch Elementary School Re-Roof

Boones Creek Pre K-8 School


Johnson City Owners Rep Projects

Fairmont Elementary School

Freedom Hall Exterior Deck Renovations

Phase 3 Liberty Bell Middle School

Science Hill High School Additions & Renovations

Science Hill High School Central Energy Plant

Memorial Park Community Center

Memorial Park Community Center Phase III

Science Hill High School Detention & Water Quality Basin

Science Hill High School Liberty Bell Stadium

Science Hill High School Phase 1 Access Road

Science Hill High School Career Technical Center

Indian Trail Middle School Renovations

Johnson City Farmer’s Market

Johnson City/Washington County Animal Shelter

Freedom Hall Additions & Renovation

Liberty Bell Middle School – New Cafeteria and Gymnasium Building