Educating the Current Workforce

Internship Programs

Burleson Construction Company, Inc. is proud of their internship program that features both office and field experience. Burleson allows all their interns to learn from the ground up. Burleson will be the first to say that having interns is valuable because they bring a different perspective and point of view. This program ensures there will always be incoming workers.

Career Workshop

Burleson Construction Company, Inc. was happy to participate in ETSU Career Workshop that the Society of Construction Engineering Technology hosted. We had the opportunity to talk to students about their resumes and their potential future in the construction industry after graduating. In fact, some of our current employees were introduced to us through this event.

Leadership Workshop

Our Chairman of the Board, Tommy Burleson, teaches a workshop on leadership in construction for AGC of America several times each year. Tommy Burleson is pictured on the right in the photo with Outstanding Educator Winner Charles Cook at this workshop in Washington, DC.